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The Prayer App For All

I use PLinXs to
log my prayers remember to meditate form a support group for a friend tell friends how their prayers helped me manage my fast pray with loved ones

Prayer, Meditation, Mindfulness… Connected With PLinXs Prayer App

Create a private and safe PLinXs community with the people you care about and use the power of the collective to enhance the power of your spiritual efforts.

Stay consistent with your prayers or meditation. Honor others’ prayer requests and be mindful of those who have prayed for you.

Get deeper insight into your personal and group spiritual efforts. Track your progress over time.

Receive prayer requests and let each member of your community know that you prayed for them.

Remember to thank people for their prayers and let them know how they helped you.

    PLinXs Is Flexible: Adapt Your Prayer App To Your Spiritual Needs

    PLinXs prayer app empowers you to take control of your spiritual wellbeing.

    It connects you with a community of loved ones, uniting you in thoughts and prayers, and reminding you to be grateful to those who held you in their hearts when you needed it the most.

    Join PLinXs’ Growing Global Community

    It’s a great way to keep up with who I am praying for, learning who is praying for me, and how God is answering those prayers, all in one place.

    This looks like a good idea.

    A new concept that I have not seen before. It seems like a positive social networking.