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Based On A True Story

The Story:

It Happened In Houston, TX - August 2017

PLinXs’ Co-Founder Jay stood in front of what used to be his home pre-Harvey.

Their home had everything his family had been working for for years, their possessions and memorabilia, was now 36 inches deep in water. Gone.

Adding to the tragedy, Jay had no insurance and no steady income.

All he had was his family, his friends and his faith.

The Problem:

Thoughts And Prayers Were Pouring In, But Isolated In Disaster, Jay Was Unable To Receive And Acknowledge Them All

As he and his family worked to rebuild their lives in the hurricane-ravaged land, their loved ones nationwide would send prayers and other messages of support.

This gave Jay the strength to wake up every morning and keep fighting.

And as life started heading to a new normal, Jay tried to reach out to all the people who had kept his family in their prayers.

This would soon prove challenging because he wasn’t aware of all the love that was sent their way.

PLinXs Idea:

"We Use Technology To Enhance All Aspects of Our Daily Lives. Why Not Use It To Enhance Our Spiritual Practices?" – Jason

Jay’s brother-in-law Jason flew in to help him rebuild the home he had lost.

As they were working on the cabinets, they talked about the role of prayer in their lives.

Through the most trying of times, as well as the happiest, prayer had been the constant that would give them stability and strength.

Reflecting on Jay’s recovery from the loss, they also realized how much more effective prayers were when united.

While spiritual connections seemed almost automatic, they identified a gap in interpersonal connections between people praying.

They found that physical distance often inhibits this connection and even keeps us oblivious to the support that is sent our way.

This sparked the idea for PLinXs.

“We use technology to enhance all aspects of our daily lives. Why not use it to enhance our spiritual practices?” – said Jason

Jay and Jason set off to develop a platform that would bridge the gap between spiritual and interpersonal connections, as well as enhance personal spiritual rituals and habits.